8 Best Winter Getaway Destinations

Let the following travel ideas inspire you to take a break, spend time with family and friends, or maybe even start a new tradition!

LIFESTYLE : TRAVEL 8 Best Winter Getaway Destinations 

Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend vacation, a week-long sun-filled break from the snow, or a winter wonderland vacation with the kids, there’s a perfect winter getaway waiting for you. Let the following travel ideas inspire you to take a break, spend time with family and friends, or maybe even start a new tradition!

Mexico: There are several resort areas in Mexico that offer incredibly affordable rates, even though this is one of the peak seasons full of travelers wanting a break from shoveling snow. Two of the best places to visit here are Playa del Camen on the Yucatan Peninsula and Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast just south of Cabo san Lucas. Both destinations boast warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, and lots of fun activities.

Hawaii: It’s no secret that Hawaii has one of the best year-round climates of all the 50 states. A great place for a winter getaway is the island of Kauai, the northwestern most Hawaiian island. Kauai is not only home to beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and relaxed vibes, but it’s also where you’ll find several incredible forests with a ton of fun outdoor activities. This is a great place for couples or families.

The Rocky Mountains: If your idea of a winter getaway is to enjoy all that is winter and not avoid it by sipping a pina colada on the beach, then the Rocky Mountains are the perfect vacation destination for you. Here, you can find lodging at one of the many beautiful ski resorts and spend your days skiing, snowboarding, and snow mobililing, and your nights snuggled up next to the fire. The Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs offers a variety of deals and packages with activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Disney World: Disney World in the Orlando, Florida area is a great place to getaway in the winter. One reason is that summer is the peak tourist season in Florida, which may be because kids are out of school. However, if you take the trip during winter, the weather will be beautiful and the crowds will be thinner. Disney is about an hour from the Atlantic Coast and the water is usually warm enough for most northerners to enjoy, even in January!

Puerto Rico: A winter getaway to Puerto Rico is great way to experience the Caribbean without actually leaving the country. Puerto Rico has  some fabulous accommodations, historical sites, museums, and is filled to the brim with culture, night life, and festivals. This is another great getaway for both couples and families.

Lake Tahoe: Lake Tahoe is another great choice for a snowy getaway. While there are many luxurious, yet pricey lodges and resorts in Lake Tahoe, there are also many affordable ones located on the north side of the lake. There are also three national parks in the area to explore.

Charleston, South Carolina: Known for its food, culture, and charm, Charleston is a great family vacation spot. The Winter months are an overlooked time to visit, so you can find great deals on hotel packages. The temperature is usually in the mid-50s during the Winter and there are plenty of activities and places that will keep you more than busy.

  Upper Peninsula: MichiganIf you really want to get away from the hustle and bustle to find some of the deepest snows in the county, then the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan is perfect for you. Here you can hole up in a cozy cabin surrounded by miles of wilderness and not worry about anything else except relaxation.

By Judy Karwacki, MA, MBA

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