The old world charm of Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is an ancient Moroccan city located at the western gateway of the Straits of Gibraltar. It sits pretty at the confluence of Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The history of Tangier starts in 5th century BCE. It was first a Berber town and then a Phoenician trading post. Due to its strategic location, the town came to be home to many a world's cultures. In fact, it was considered an international center by the colonial powers. It hosted American and European diplomats, businessmen, spies and writers.

Among the popular ancient attractions in the town include;

Cabo Espartel light house
Terraces of Tangier by Enrique Simonet
Old Medina
Old Port of Tangier
Dar el Makhzen (Sultan's palace)
Tangier American Legation Museum
Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities
Museum of Contemporary Art (Tangier)
Fondation Lorin
Musée de Carmen-Macein
Tangier Grand Mosque
Petit Socco souk
Grand Socco
Hotel Continental (Tangier)
Church of the Immaculate Conception
Anglican Church of St. Andrew
Rue Es-Siaghine
Rue de la Liberté
Avenue Pasteur
Ancien Palais du Mendoub
Gran Teatro Cervantes
Quartier du Marshan
Colline du Charf
Parc de la Mendoubia
Café Hafa

The above is a long list indeed for a small city. You will not only experience the historical centers but also get to swim, sail, fish, relax on the beach and sample some Berber cuisine. Simply put, Tangier is the sort of place you go over and over again without getting tired. Welcome to Morocco.

By Kennedy Runo on 02/05/2015 in Tangier

By Sandy Karwacki-farber, BA about Morocco

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