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Message from our Principal Organizer, Guide and LiaisonKevin Zentner

Who and What:

We are a group of Mexican friends living in the Baja California Sur, Mexico. We live together, play together and together we will offer you a range of activities, learning and cultural interactions and introduce you to our beautiful Baja.

We would like to offer you something different from the package tours that are offered at the few remaining monopolistic travel agencies and mass tour operators. We are not a large international enterprise in multiple countries and we do not offer cookie cutter vacations. With a flexible base itinerary and your small group we can accommodate your wishes, your time, your translation needs and your transportation 24 hours per day. . Groups are 7 or less or private if your group is larger.

Where: Base Sites:

What we do offer is 24hour personalized service and introductions to nature, people and some traditional Mexican lifestyles. Coroscos is an isolated oasis with approximately 100 to 120 habitants plus what remains of the surrounding ranches. These people live largely as they did 100 years ago. One person now has internet and pavement arrived to the town four years ago.

Our activities are presented by us along with our friends in small communities. We usually include an unpopulated desert site with oasis, hot springs, natural cold pools and canyon and we will show you some secrets on the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific.

Our base is in Todos Santos a “Magic Village Designate”, an Artist’s colony, a UNESCO world heritage site, a surf destination, a Pacific Oasis with surrounding hikes, a yoga retreat and other spiritual arts center on the Tropic of Cancer and formerly the wealthiest sugar can plantation community in Mexico (1850 to 1950). Not least of all, Todos Santos is home to a fantastic mix of Mexican diners and boutique restaurants in settings ranging form street carts to 5 Star garden or historic restaurant settings. See other possible and optional sites on our webpage.


You will learn from and enjoy the genuine company of our friends in their homes (welcome dinner, breakfasts, cooking class and Temascal), in their workshops (traditional activities and even an ice cream class) and in their workshops (various). On the ranch you will be milking goats and making cheese the old way. You follow up with Martina (Cover page of our website) making your own tortillas and quesadillas over the fire. Additionally, you will meet the Mexican people on beaches, in the mountains and on their boats.

Accommodation and full Transportation:

As for accommodation ours is always the best available. In Coroscos it is the only available so it is great for us to have our friends there to help us personally. In La Paz and Cabo Pulmo we have to have options due to the scarcity of quality accommodations. Take a look at the accommodations shown on our webpage.

Active Natural and Cultural Experiences:

We are never going to drop you off and say: “Here is your ticket. Your activity starts at 10:15. Meet us at such and such a place. Our activities and excursions are unique because we developed them ourselves amongst our friends. Your personal guide is always available to translate if you ask him/her and, within reason, you plan your start times for activities as you wish.

Prices for you:

As for price we include everything that we can and we lower our price with each additional participant up to 7. We try to keep your cost down and we do not charge you crazy prices with third party tour operators. The Grey Whales, the 4 to 5 hour ranch interaction, and the whole day tour/activity/community interaction/day in the 1850s are included.

Only one excursion has a significant cost, which is $85. This is the day long excursion on the Sea of Cortez with whale sharks - sea lions - a boat accessible Sea of Cortez beach and lunch and Balandra Bay. This excursion leaves from La Paz. We rent the whole boat so that you participate at your own pace and leisure. Your cost is significantly reduced because it is our personal excursion and the boat captain/owner is our friend. See our website: “What’s Included” for a longer list including free activities like yoga, cross fit, live music, kayaking ………

We include from 8 to 12 meals. Transportation is always available during the days and evenings according to your choices in your daily itinerary and we can accompany you on activities as per your request or needed translation. This is part of your tour price.

Who are you?

You are adventurous. You are a couple, a family, a group of friends. You range in age greatly but you have in common with others that you want to try something more than just the hotel and that you want to meet some Mexican people and interact with them as friends.

In order to provide this service we want to work with groups of approximately 7 or less people. We can add a guide/host/translator for larger private groups.

Kevin and Diana:

Terms, conditions and restrictions apply; pricing, availability, and other details subject to change and/ or apply to US or Canadian residents. Please confirm details and booking information with your travel advisor.

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