Introducing the Galápagos Islands with Avanti Destinations

Isolated yet inviting, volcanic yet verdant — the Galápagos Islands provide an opportunity to blaze your own trail, discover your own sights, and embark on your own journey. This volcanic archipelago has created landscapes like no other on Earth, with islands ranging from dried lava beds, dense tropical forests, stunning white beaches, and awe-inspiring volcanoes. The Galápagos Islands are a natural wonder of the world — and a perfect destination for eco-adventure.

Of course, you won't be exploring the Galápagos alone — as the species endemic to these islands will be alongside you every step of your journey. From snorkeling in the warm waters alongside sea turtles, kayaking with sea lions, or watching the dance of blue-footed boobies — these rare and protected species that call the Galápagos home are as friendly as they are vital to the ecology of these islands.

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