10 Animals you never knew were in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the most bio-diverse country per square kilometer in the world. The fact that it lays just a few degrees north of Equator places it well in the tropics. If you are travelling to Costa Rica, you will probably be visiting the country for its tropical weather, turquoise waters that are ideal for surfing on its Pacific Coast and pristine white sand beaches on its Caribbean coast.

Few people know that some of the animals found in the country can never be found anywhere else. This is the reason why you should try to seek out the following rare animals in the country;

1. White-headed capuchin
2. Mantled howler
3. The endangered Geoffrey’s spider monkey
4. The Central American squirrel monkey
5. Three-toed sloth and two-toed sloth
6. The endangered green turtle
7. The red-eyed tree frog
8. The Linnaeus butterfly of Costa Rica
9. Rare birds such as resplendent quetzal, scarlet macaw, and three-wattled bellbird
10. World's fastest running lizard, the spiny tailed iguana

If I were you and have had a chance to visit Costa Rica, I would never leave the country without seeing the above animals.

By Kennedy Runo about Costa Rica

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