10 cool and useful gifts for travelers

If you have someone special that is always on the go, perhaps you should spend your money more wisely by buying them something that they can actually use. Below are some of the practical gifts you can buy him/her:

1. A laptop bag
2. A suitcase...have his/her name inscribed on the inside
3. Gloves...especially if they travel to temperate destinations.
4. Travel App - If your guy is into tech, why not buy some travel app and have it uploaded on his phone?
5. Universal adapter...it may not seem romantic, but he/she will thank you later after he finds that his destination has plugs dissimilar to the ones back home and could not charge his laptop were it not for your gift.
6. Anti-kidnapping band - This is especially good for those in the law enforcement.
7. Survival kit - If he travels to remote areas, the fire starter, knife, fishing hook etc. inside the kit will come in handy.
8. Camera
9. Insect repellant
10. Smartphone projector - This is especially good for travelling business people.

What gift do you think that you should get your travelling friend that will useful to them during their trip?

By Kennedy Runo

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