10 reasons to visit Singapore

So you have been planning for a Far East trip for a long time? Allow me to make a suggestion of the one place where the Far East cultures melt - go to Singapore. Apart from being a major business hub in the region, this island country offers you the best hospitality. Below are 10 reasons why I think you should make your way there;

1. It is a melting point of the old Asia and the new Asia - Old rickshaws compete for space with new sleek cars as does 19th century architecture with modern towers and skyscrapers.

2. Abundant parks and wildlife - for such a small country, Singapore has done its bit in making the world greener and protecting animals. Among the places you can visit include; East Coast Park, Singapore Zoo, Kent Ridge Park and Marina Bay.

3. Shopping - All the fashion trailblazers and the upcoming designs are available here. There is literally nothing that is sold in the world that is not available here.

4. Unmitigated luxury - From spa resorts to world-class restaurants to friendly customer care, Singapore is certainly the country to beat for those in search of leisure.

5. Connectivity - There is probably no other Asian country that has the connectivity of Singapore. From Changi Airport, you can fly to any destination in the world. The country is also connected to Malaysia by a rail line that connects to the rest of Asia.

6. Cultures compete for attention - Chinese, Tamil, and Malay cultures try to outdo each other in the country. And you, as the adventure seeker, get to see different culture excelling side by side.

7. Street food culture - You do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy great food. There are street chefs at every other corner. For just US$2.5, you can have a meal to your fill.

8. Fancy Galleries - You will be awed by the brilliance of art displayed at ArtScience Museum, Gillman Barracks, and National Gallery Singapore among others.

9. Hip neighborhoods - The Singaporean hoods are like nothing you have ever scene. They feature the latest shopping malls, theaters, retro bars, laksa restaurants and many more.

10. Sports - Are you a fan of sports, join other racing enthusiasts at the Singapore Grand Prix or the Singapore Sports Hub for football, tennis, rugby, diving, and many other Olympic-style activities.

Welcome to Singapore!

By Kennedy Runo about Singapore

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