10 reasons why you should consider visiting Slovenia

So you are hesitant to travel to Eastern Europe? Maybe you have been watching the news too much. But have you seen anything that paints Slovenia in bad light? No? The country is as good as any country can be. Its crime rates are very low, it boasts hundreds of attractions and has 60% of its land mass covered by forests. Below is a list of reasons that will give you the final nudge to visit the country;

1. The country has mesmerizing sunrises.

2. The country's clouds, purple grasslands, and country cottages make it a must visit.

3. If you are into hiking, Slovenia is your haven...what with its 60% forest cover...

4. The Slovenia Alps are a skier's dreams come true.

5. When it’s foggy or freezing cold, the landscapes and silhouettes give you a dejavu feeling.

6. You can get married in the fairy-tale Bled Island. Its Baroque church is a popular destination to tie a knot.

7. For 700 years, the Predjama Castle has been tucked away on a 400-foot cliff. If you love photography, you will probably get a new high at this castle.

8. People in this country grow their own food. How about a freshly cooked meal from fresh ingredients?

9. The old town of Old Town Ljubljana will give you a magical Christmas.

10. People walk around the streets disguised as llamas...only in Slovenia!

I could go on and on...but you get the gist of it. Slovenia is brooding and mysterious. It beckons you to explore its hidden gems. Make the visit and your holidaying experience will never be the same again

By Kennedy Runo about Slovenia

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