10 Things you probably didn’t know about Cuba but should

Welcome to Cuba, an island nation located about 150 kilometers south of United States. The country is made up of the main Isla de la Juventud Island and several other smaller islands. Some good news too! The frosty relations Cuba has had with US have thawed under President Obama. If you have always wanted to visit the country but have hesitated because of this, you need not worry now. Below are a couple of things you ought to know before packing your bags.

  1. Cuba is one of the most multi-ethnic/multinational countries in the world. Its 11 million inhabitants range from the aboriginal Taíno and Ciboney peoples to the descendants of African slaves and Spanish colonialists, as well as immigrants from various parts of the world among others.
  2. Spanish is the official language in Cuba
  3. Here is a funny one - penile enlargement surgery is free for men in Cuba.
  4. The world's smallest bird - the Hummingbird - is found in Cuba only.
  5. In terms of literacy rates, few nations around the world can rival Cuba. For people over 15, it is 99.8%.
  6. Wonders never seem to stop to happen. Fidel Castro was a fan of John Lennon. He even commissioned a John Lennon Park with his bronze statue of the celebrity in Havana (the capital of Cuba).
  7. Sorry folks. If you love to drive around, you will have to fork out a little more in Cuba. Cars in Cuba are marked up 400%.
  8. So you love carbonated drinks? Not in Cuba. Coca-Cola is not officially sold here. Maybe this will change with the recent political realignment that has seen relations between the US and Cuba improve.
  9. Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Say this and you will have an instant discussion. The Cubans will tell you that Cuba has always been there. Columbus was just the first European on the island.
  10. Guatanamo Bay is leased from the Cuban government. Popular lore has it that the last time they cashed the check was in 1959.

Of course Cuba is one of the cultural capitals of the world. You are well advised to visit the country before you kick the bucket.

By Kennedy Runo about Cuba

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