10 Things you probably didn’t know about the Dominican Republic but should

Dominican Republic is part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. It is one of those countries that discerning travellers wish they could travel to before they kick the bucket. If you are one such traveller that has gotten the opportunity to visit the country, you need to know the following facts about it.

  • It is the second largest country in the Caribbean after Cuba. Its surface area is 18,705 square miles.
  • The country is home to 10 million people, a million of whom stay in its capital Santo Domingo.
  • During the Pre-Columbian period, the country was inhabited by the Taino.
  • The country's system of governance is Presidential democracy.
  • The country is the most visited in the Caribbean. It is especially loved for its year-round golfing courses.
  • It is home to the tallest peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte. It also happens to be home to the largest lake in the Caribbean, Lake Enriquillo.
  • The average temperature in the Dominican Republic is 26 degrees centigrade. This is as tropical as any weather can get. It hosts a huge diversity of flora and fauna.
  • The first fortress, monastery, cathedral and castle in the Americas is found in the UNESCO listed Santo Domingo's Colonial Zone.
  • The national dance is Merengue while Bachata is the national music. The country's favorite sport is baseball.
  • Demographics spread in Dominican Republic are as follows; European (58.1%), African (35.3%), Amerindian (6.4%).

Make haste and visit this tropical paradise. You will never regret your decision.

By Kennedy Runo about Dominican Republic

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