10 Things you probably didn’t know about Venezuela but should

If you love nature, you would consider visiting Venezuela. That it is a biodiversity hotspot is not in doubt. You will have a time of your life exploring the jungles, the coastlines, the marine life and the cities. If you are considering spending your vacation in the country, make a point of learning a few things about it. Below is a list of 10 things that will get you on your way.

  1. The country's surface area is 916,445 square kilometers and it is home to 29.1 million people.
  2. Venezuelan biodiversity ranges from Orinoco River Delta in the East to Ilanos Plains in the heartland to Amazon basin in the south and Andes Mountains to the west.
  3. The country was under Spanish colonization from 1522 until 1811 when it became one of the first Spanish colonies to declare independence.
  4. Venezuela practices a federal presidential republic. It is made up of 23 states, Caracas (which is also the capital), and off-shore islands which make up the federal dependencies.
  5. The demographic spread in the country is as follows; Mestizo (51.6%), White (43.6%), Black (2.9%), others (1.2%).
  6. Saudi Arabia does not have the largest reserves of oil in the world. Venezuela does.
  7. The area that makes up today's Venezuela has been inhabited from about 15,000 years ago according to carbon-dated samples of archaic tools found in the country.
  8. In 1498, Christopher Columbus, in his letter to Isabella and Ferdinand, referred to Venezuela as paradise on earth due to the large quantity of fresh water near the salty sea water.
  9. The country boasts a 2800 kilometer coastline. Beach lovers will have a field day here.
  10. Apart from oil, Venezuela also has natural gas, iron ore, gold and large swathes of arable land.

Make a visit and see the beautiful country.

By Kennedy Runo about Venezuela

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