10 Tips for Travelling with Multigenerational Groups

Multigenerational group travel is a great way for families to spend a considerable time with each other. Although it sounds fun to travel with everyone in the family or clan, it requires a lot of planning and attention particularly the needs of certain family members. Here are ten tips on how to make your multigenerational vacation a success.

  • Get inputs from everyone and plan the trip together. What you want is not necessarily what everyone wants. By planning the trip together, you know everyone is on the same page. Family vacation means everyone must be having fun. Avoid destinations which will only cater to one group of the family.
  • Family time must be included in the planning. The basic reason for a family trip is for everyone to be able to spend time together, not apart! Make sure that there are some activities that will involve everyone in the family. Meal times are important too, so activities must end before meal time, and can start again after.
  • When planning the trip, take into consideration personality, safety, health and other issues. Some family members might not be as physically fit compared to the others, while others might not enjoy the activities offered. It might be advisable to take a cruise or enjoy spending the vacation in a resort which features different activities that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family.  
  • While organizing the trip, you must have a budget in mind especially if it involves a number of families. No everyone can afford staying in luxurious hotels or enjoy expensive activities. With a budget set, you can plan your trip which everyone will enjoy without having to worry about unnecessary expenses.
  • Plan an unforgettable trip for everyone. Multigenerational group travel does not happen regularly. This is the perfect opportunity for the family to have one of the best vacations. Allow each one to choose an activity that they want to experience. and plan the trip around these activities and simultaneously think of an activity which everyone will enjoy.
  • If you are planning a trip out of the country, make sure you are booking a non-stop flight, or if this is not possible, take a flight with minimum stopovers. Flights with a lot of stopovers can be taxing especially for the younger and older generation.
  • Make sure that everyone is informed about what to bring including passports, medicines, identification cards, and for the older ones, health information details. Clothing must be appropriate too, You would not want one member of the family spending a vacation using winter clothes when the destination is blessed with a tropical climate.
  • When planning the itinerary, do not squeeze a lot of activities or places to visit in one day.  Let everyone relish and enjoy each activity or place. Remember, vacations are spent for relaxation, and not rushing from one place to another.
  • Expect that some things might not work out as planned. Travel issues might suddenly crop out that are beyond your control such as weather conditions, public holidays, kids tantrums, or even someone getting sick. 
  • Don’t forget to bring a number of cameras, and don’t rely on just one! Multigenerational group travel does not happen regularly and you would not one to get back home with fuzzy pictures. By having a number of cameras, you know you will have great pictures and memories of your trip.

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By Sunshine Silva

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