10 Tips for your Destination Wedding Guest List

You are finally getting married! The date has been set and you are looking forward to having your wedding in a place you have been dreaming of. Destination weddings do require more work for you and your fiance especially when you think of whom you are going to invite and if the budget fits. Here are 10 Tips for your Destination Wedding Guest List.

  • Once you and your fiancé have agreed upon the date and place, you must now consider the size of your wedding party and your budget.
  • Depending on the size of the wedding party, you must make a list of guests you really want to be there. Family and close friends must be on this list. Make another list for other friends or family members you are thinking of inviting but are not as important as the first list.
  • Discuss your plans with your parents. They might want to invite some people to the wedding, and if possible, ask them to produce their own short list which you can integrate into your own list.
  • With your list and your parents list, you and your fiancé can now trim both lists and come up with an estimated number of guests.
  • Before you even send the invitations, and especially in a destination wedding, you must make sure that the venue or hotel is capable of accommodating a wedding party. This includes the number of hotel rooms you can reserve for that certain date.
  • Are you going to be inviting kids? If you are, they must be included in the guest list. Most wedding destinations are for “adults only”, so better make sure to include this in your planning stage.
  • Send invitations as early as you can and ask them to RSVP. This is the key in making sure that your guest list remains under control.
  • Some hotels or resorts have their own wedding planners who can make things easier for you and your guests especially with the nitty-gritty details. Your travel agent can also be a big help especially when it comes to arranging transportation, transfers and booking of accommodations if necessary.
  • In destination weddings, the couple usually pays for the food but guests are expected to shoulder their transportation and accommodations. Most hotels offer discounted rates for group bookings. You can arrange for activities and extra amenities for your guests which you can add to your expected expenses.
  • The key to having a successful wedding destination is having a long engagement. This way, you have more time for preparations and your guests can also make the necessary arrangements way before.

Destination weddings are very romantic and ideal for couples who desire a more intimate wedding in a perfect setting. Consult Jubilee Travel https://www.jubileeonline.ca/ for more details. 

By Sunshine Silva

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