12 Souvenirs To Collect When You Travel

It is always smart to have something to remind you of a destination you visited. World-class travellers will tell you that for every country they visited, they have a trinket to remember it by. Imagine having a cabinet full of souvenirs from around the world? Imagine how much they will fetch for your great-grandchildren 100 years later...Now start keeping some. Below are some suggested souvenirs to collect.

1. Feathers, flowers and butterfly wings glued to a collection book.

2. Ancient bottles of champagne that you have drunk over the years.

3. Sea shells from the Caribbean

4. Batik Sarong from Bali

5. Woven Kiondo from East Africa

6. Carved animal (say of giraffe or elephant) from South Africa

7. An Arabic Koran from Turkey

8. Camel jutti slippers from India

9. Snakeskin drums from Cambodia

10. Vintage map of Florida from Miami

11. Alaskan bear patch

12. Antique book or painting from Europe.

This is just a suggestion. Collect what takes your fancy and keep it well to remind you of your time in your destination.

By Kennedy Runo

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