15 things to do in Ao Nang, Thailand

Ao Nang is a resort town located in coastal province of Krabi in Thailand. Its main street is dotted with cozy restaurants, pubs, shops and other holiday facilities. Its main beach is used by sunbathers, but it also has got several other beaches where you are going to find long tail boats used for sailing and fishing. If you are headed to Ao Nang, make sure you do the following:

1. Scuba diving
2. Rock climbing
3. Boat tours
4. Touring the Tsunami monument
5. Great nightlife in Bamboo Soi and Center Point
6. Sunbathing on the Phra Nang Beach
7. Your ma won't like it that you are visiting this place, but it is fun altogether...welcome to the Amy's Bar...it’s a strip club
8. Learn how to make Thai cuisine at Thai Charm cooking school or Krabi Thai Cookery School.
9. Sightsee Poda Island
10. Play some billiards at Rick's Bar
11. Photography and amazing sunset views at Tup Island
12. Diving and snorkeling at Kon-Tiki Krabi Diving & Snorkeling Center
13. Visit Pranag Cave
14. Enjoy Ao Nang's Snake Show
15. Workout and learn a few kickboxing tricks at Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort Fitness CLUB or at Emerald Gym Muay Thai & Fitness

Ao Nang may not be Phuket, but it can hold its own in terms of holiday activities to engage in. It is the best alternative to Phuket in Thailand.

By Kennedy Runo about Ao Nang

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