5 Cool Facts About Fremantle in Western Australia

Freemantle is a city in Western Australia and the first place to be settled by the Swan River Colonists in 1829. The Harbor at Fremantle city is used by the city of Perth as its main harbor. The Fremantle area was declared a city in 1929 and today is home to 25,000 people. The city is named after Captain Charles Howe Fremantle of the English Royal Navy who was the first person to declare possession of Western Australia. The city of Fremantle is fondly referred to as 'Freo' by the locals. Below are a few cool facts about the city.

1. The consistent breeze that blows to the shores of Fremantle harbor was christened as the 'Fremantle Doctor'. It is this winds that informed the position of the harbor as well as the City of Perth. The wind provides a natural air conditioner for the beach goers.

2. Happy are the travelers that get to visit the city of Fremantle and know how to surf. Only the Hawaii surfing waters come close to contend with the waters surrounding the Fremantle harbor.

3. Fremantle Climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean. It averages a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for year-round outdoor activities. You can shake off the cold from the northern hemisphere and enjoy the Australian sun without fearing that the next day will be in the minus zero temperature zone.

4. Do you love seafood? Well, you cannot have it better than in Fremantle. The harbor’s annual Fremantle Sardine Festival on Esplanade Park attracts thousands of seafood lovers every year.

5. After hosting the America's Cup yachting race in 1987, Fremantle became a popular destination for yachters. Everybody knows that the yachts are owned by the rich and the famous. You can get to interact with who is who in Perth's business circles by visiting this city.

Fremantle is just a few mile from Perth and thus you will be able to access the city facilities without necessarily getting into to the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a nice place to go for a weekend holiday.

By Kennedy Runo about Fremantle

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