5 Incredible ( but crazy ) things to do in Bangkok

Thailand is the tourism capital of Asia. Not even Dubai in UAE comes close to rival this Southeast Asia country. From the massage parlors to golden beaches and brothels that would make your mother blush, Thailand is in a class of its own. Bangkok, being the capital of Thailand, is at the heart of this tourism circuit. Below are some of the incredibly crazy things you can do here.

1. Swim with Sharks at Siam Ocean World

One of the top attractions to adventure hungry tourists in Bangkok is the Siam Ocean. Here you get a glimpse of the high seas' deep by diving into water pools infested with the dangerous sea carnivore - the shark.

2. Out-muscle a Crocodile at Samphran Elephant and Crocodile Farm

By writing this, I am developing goose bumps. Have you ever seen the fear inspiring jaws and teeth of the crocodile? You are crazy if you are going to attempt this...I for one, do not want to be part of this.

3. Catch a Mekong Giant Catfish at Bung Sam Lan Lake

And I thought I was crazy...you go ahead and try to catch the 80-kilogram fish from a fishing boat at the Bung Sam Lake, just outside Bangkok and you earn my respect. Catching a fish that is heavier than you? Good luck!

4. A Buddhamonthon Park Stroll

If you like the eerie stuff, a walk in this park will be better than watching 'Vampire Diaries'. It will make you a believer into the 'forces' that live in the yonder worlds.

5. Train as a Thai Kick-boxer at Muay Thai camps

At the risk of having your teeth kicked in, training as a Thai kick-boxer is a fun experience (although I wouldn't attempt it). Two schools offer foreigners this training; Fairtex Bangplee and Chacrit Muay Thai School.

Everybody loves something out of the ordinary. Bangkok has a list of out-of-the-ordinary activities for the tourists. Go on and try one of the above crazy things...and make sure you record them on video...your friends back home may not believe your 'Encounters in Thailand' stories if you have no evidence.

By Kennedy Runo about Bangkok

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