5 Tips for Racking Up Airmiles


1. Focus on a particular program and be loyal to it

One of the easiest ways to accumulate air miles is by being focused. All you need to do is identify an air mile program with an airline that best suits you and keep loyal to it no matter what. Soon enough you will have accumulated enough miles to make a significant saving on your air travel.

2. Pay with credit cards

Almost all internationally recognized credit cards offer programs where you can register to accumulate air miles every time you make a purchase using the credit card.

3. Choose the program carefully

Programs such as United Airlines Mileage Plus program will earn you air miles even from hotel bookings, renting cars, going on a cruise etc. In other words, look for the most comprehensive travel mile program available.

4. Take promotions seriously

Whether you are travelling or not, some airlines sell travel miles for promotional purposes. Here you have a chance to accumulate your travel miles at a lower cost. In short, you will be buying a ticket to a certain destination at a lower cost.

5. Work with transferable credit cards

Sometimes you may have some 10,000 miles in card A and 5,000 miles in card B. If you are going for a journey of say 15,000 miles, none of the cards will help you redeem your air miles. Good credit card companies allow air mils transfers from card A to B and vice versa.

There many brilliant ways to earn yourself some extra air miles. This article is an attempt to point you to the right direction. 

By Kennedy Runo

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