5 Tips on how to haggle in Istanbul Bazaars

In Istanbul, you do not accept to buy anything without haggling. It is expected that you will bargain for whatever you are buying. Thus, the sellers will give you a higher price than the real value of the item you are buying. If you are the kind of customer that never haggles, then you will pay through the teeth in Istanbul.

Below are a few tricks that experts have developed to help you navigate the murky waters of haggling in the Istanbul bazaars.

1. Act disinterested

If the seller sees that you are eager to buy his products, he will put make you pay the full ‘tourist price’. This business people know you have money to spend and they will devise ways of getting it.

2. Don’t be in a hurry

You have to dedicate sometime to haggle. The traders here expect it. They don’t take offense when you say unrealistic price. They know that this is part of the selling process.

3. Keep guilt at bay

Most people will feel guilty for getting more than they bargained for. Trust me; if the seller accepts your offer, it is because it is a good offer. He will never get a loss for you. Drive the hard bargain…ok?

4. Have the guts to walk away

If you feel that the offer does not represent the fair value of the item you are buying, walk away. This is expected too. Don’t be lured into believing that the seller is a poor man and thus have pity on him.

5. Buy in bulk

No bazaar owner is going to let a customer that is buying in bulk walk away. They make profits on volumes too. He knows if he can sell to several customers like you, he will be moving his stock faster.

Above everything else, be polite to the traders. They are earning a decent living. Leave your ‘high nose’ in the hotel room. Goodness is always reciprocated – even in the cut throat business environments such as the bazaar. You may get a bargain for being polite. Happy Shopping!

By Kennedy Runo about Istanbul

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