Be there where it happened! You must Visit these Popular Movie and TV Locations.

Gone are those days when movies and TV shows were shot in the studios or locations nearby, today movies and TV shows inspire people to travel to hidden gems all over the world so they can be where it happened. It might be the location that inspired the movie Frozen, the landscapes that were shown in the Outlander series, or where Jon Snow of Game of Thrones was left to bleed and die. Interested? You must head to these awesome locations or enjoy a cruise, and make your favorite movie a reality.

  • Frozen. One of the most popular Disney 3D computer-animated musical fantasy films, Frozen was a massive success, watched by both kids and adults. The country of Norway was a major influence in the visuals and “look” of the movie. The country’s fjords,   mountains, culture, and architecture was what Michael Giaimo, the art director, found inspiration in. You can either visit Norway to feel how it was like for Elsa or take a Disney cruise frozen themed cruise.
  • Outlander. Romance, mystery, time travel, and adventures are the reasons why people fell in love with the Outlander series.  It is now on its second season and fans have been flocking to its Scotland’s location especially after the release of the first season’s DVD. According to the National Trust for Scotland, an increase of 44% at Doune Castle, 31% increase at Blackness Castle in West Lothian and 12% in Falkland, was seen in terms of visitors due to the interest in the locations of the series.
  • Game of Thrones. Now on its 6th season, Game of Thrones has captured the hearts of millions of people from all over the world. It is multi-awarded TV series that was shot in a number of locations; the most important one is in Northern Island. Take a trek or visit its fantastic sets and experience activities that will make you feel like you are one of its characters.

Movie and TV buffs bucket lists are filled with destinations inspired by their favorites. Aside from being where it happened, these places were chosen because of their history, culture and beauty.  Consult Jubilee Travel for more details.

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By Sunshine Silva

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