10 Best Food Cities in Europe

When we go on a trip to Europe, whether a cruise or a guided tour, food is always an important part of our trip. Our bodies need food so that we can be healthy and enjoy our trip in the best possible way. Since we will need to eat, why not eat the best food that we can? Here are 10 of the best food cities in Europe that you can visit on your next vacation.

1. Lyon, France
France is a country that holds some of the world's finest cuisines. Lyon is considered the center of France's food scene. It even has a dish named after it called the Lyonnaise potatoes, sliced and pan browned spuds with onion and parsley. Yum

2. Belfast, Northern Ireland
Belfast has a vibrant food scene that will take your taste buds on a journey. The government of has designated 2016 the “Year of Food and Drink” in Northern Ireland and Belfast will celebrate the region’s food traditions. So while you venture to Northern Ireland this year, enjoy the Irish ham hock hash, duck liver pâté, homemade Guinness wheaten bread or the delicious Madeira wine jelly.

3. Antalya, Turkey
Antalya beachside cuisine blends influences from both Christian and Muslim cultures. The city hosts olive groves, citrus orchards, and fresh seafood taken from the Mediterranean Sea. You can dine seaside on fish kebabs, octopus, and plates of colorful mezze. While enjoying your trip in Turkey, enjoy a local favorite, fried red mullet.

4. Bologna, Italy
Spaghetti with meat sauce is a famous dish everywhere but the real deal is the pasta Bolognese named after Bologna, the city where it was created. Did you know the city’s chamber of commerce staged a cook-off in 1982 to choose an official version? It’s served with flat tagliatelle, not skinny spaghetti. Enjoy the real spaghetti on your next vacation to Italy.

5. Edam, The Netherlands
Edam was named for the town harbor where it was sold. It was the most popular cheese in the world and you can watch farmers navigate the ancient canals and ferry taking of cheese to the market in the summer months. When you visit the Netherlands for your next trip, why not have a taste of one of the best cheese in the world?

6. Sicily, Italy

The historically culinary crossroads known as Sicily. Greeks, Arabs and even the Spanish brought many foods to the city, olives and grapes,sugarcane,spices, tomatoes and chocolate. The island’s soils are kept fertile thanks to the beloved volcano Mount Etna. The soils regularly produced a bounty of olives, pistachios, and fruits, while the surrounding seas are brimming with seafood.

The island is also a breeding ground for new Italian wines. Sicily’s reasonable property costs allow creative young winemakers to of the land, rediscovering many of the island’s indigenous grape varietals like Nero d'Avola, Cattarratto and even more.

What to Eat: Family-operated in Palermo since 1920 is Pasticceria Palazzolo. Renowned for its Sicilian specialty cassata, a sponge cake with layers of sheep’s milk ricotta, almond paste, and white icing topped with candied fruit.

7. Rome, Italy
Buy beautiful fruits and vegetables at the Campo dei Fiori market, sit down to a late-night pizza all'uovo (pizza with soft-cooked eggs) at Baffetto,debate wine at Enoteca Trimani. Enjoy classic Roman cooking at Trattoria da Lucia with the locals. Also try Settimio al Pellegrino, which serves gnocchi on Thursdays and salt cod on Fridays. Agata e Romeo offers an elegant take on la Cucina Romana with its rigatoni con pajatta (pasta with delicate baby veal tripe). Seafood, for which the city is known, is especially exquisite at Ristorante il Pellicano. Sweet tooth or not, you should definitely try warm sfogliatelle (crisp pastry leaves stuffed with ricotta) on Sunday mornings at Pasticceria Bella Napoli, gelati from Giolitti or any dessert from one of the exquisite food shops along Via Della Croce off Piazza di Spagna.

8. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is shaking its image of moneyed dullness. Comme Chez Soi remains the preeminent culinary destination, a worthy alternative is La Maison du Cygne . Housed in a lovely traditional building overlooking the Place du Grand Sablon,L'Ecailler du Palais Royal is the best location for fish. Competition is fierce among bistros and brasseries; although L'Idiot du Village and Le Bistro du Mail are the most popular,but La Quincaillerie beats them both in style points. However the main purpose for a visit to Brussels is, the world class chocolate, especially from Mary or Pierre Marcolini.

9. Paris, France
Alain Ducasse is still the city's king of haute cuisine. Though he is not lacking in competition. Robuchon's influence will almost certainly be engraved in history by hot protégés like Benoît Guichard at Jamin and Frédéric Anton at Le Pré Catalan. For elegant Parisian classicism Tailleventremains is the first choice. For more down-to-earth fare, there's La Régalade(a contemporary bistro), Le Dôme(a brasserie) and Willi's Wine Bar.When you're tired of restaurants or bars, that's the time to get croque-monsieur from the street carts behind La Samaritaine. Even better, a picnic: a yummy organic baguette from Poujauranor Philippe Gosselin,maybe a good Sancerre from Les Caves Taillevent.Restored, you can also shop for cookware at MORA, a modern alternative to the Old World Dehillerin, then stop for chocolates at La Maison du Chocolat.

10. Montreal, Canada

Surprise our 10th city is not in Europe but Le Fromentier, Le Passe-Partout, and Première Moisson at the Atwater Market are some of France's great gifts to Montreal, contributing to Montreal's tradition of outstanding bakeries. We dare to say that the Fairmount Bagel Bakery and Chez Schwartz (a purveyor of smoked meats) may be even better than their rivals in New York City! For casual dining, there's L'Express, which is still so popular it doesn't need a sign. Some visitors return from Montreal with discreetly packaged raw-milk cheeses from Pierre-Yves Chaput, however the law-abiding might prefer glassware from Arthur Quentin.

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