5 Cool Facts About Hobart

After Sydney in New South Wales, the Tasmanian Capital - Hobart - is the second oldest city in Australia. For those who are not in the know, Tasmania is an island and a state within the territory of Australia. The city is located on the estuary of the Derwent River and its most dominant feature is Mount Wellington with a height of 1,271 meters (4,170 ft.). If you are southbound, it is the last stop before Antarctica. Below are a few cool facts about the city.

1. Attractions

Hobart is more beautiful than all the other Australian States' Capitals. among the things that draws the travellers to the city include; Wellington Park, Louisa's Walk, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Cascade Brewery, Salamanca Market, Battery Point, Museum of Old and New Art – MONA, Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens among others.

2. Climate

The city features a mild temperate oceanic climate. The most extreme temperature conditions ever recorded in the city were; 41.8 °C (107.2 °F) on 4 January 2013 and the lowest was −2.8 °C (27.0 °F) on 25 June 1972 and 11 July 1981.

3. Urbanization

Tasmania is the least urbanized state in Australia. This can be shown by the population of just over 216,656 in its largest city, Hobart.

4. Property Prices

Due to the relatively stable rural-urban migration, the property market in Hobart is the least active among the Australian States' capitals. This in turn has driven the property markets downwards making them the most affordable in Australia.

5. Antarctic Operations

For those who wish to cruise to the Antarctic, this will be the last stop before embarking on the long southern cruise. The French and Australian Antarctica operations are based in the Hobart. The city has one of the best natural harbors in the world.

Hobart is a small city compared to cities such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Sydney. However, in matters tourism, it can hold its own among the best. Its beautiful beaches, active night scene, diverse flora and fauna and relatively cheaper accommodation rates make it even more attractive than its competitors.

By Kennedy Runo on 06/03/2015 in Hobart

By Marilyn White about Hobart

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