5 Must Pack Cruise Items – Cruise Travel Tips

1. Power Strip ~ Most cruise cabins have only a couple of electrical outlets. Be sure to bring a power strip for additional outlets. Some lines do not allow extension cords or power strips with long cords, so I have always used this power strip and never had it confiscated.

2. Small Fan ~ Bring a small fan for white noise and air circulation at night. Some cruise ships have better air conditioning than others, so to ensure that you’re not uncomfortably warm at night, use a fan to help cool off. Since some cruise lines do not allow electrical items with cords, I always bring this fan. It fold flat for easy suitcase packing and runs on either batteries or electricity. I normally keep the cord in my laptop bag to cut down on the chances of have it confiscated. 3. Poo-Pourri ~ If you’ve never heard of it, check it out – you’ll thank me. It’s awesome at home and even more awesome in small spaces like cruise cabins! I wasn’t sure if my Poo-pourri would work in a cruise cabin toilet, but it worked perfectly. The toilets are high-pressure flush, but do have a fair amount of water in them before flushing. 4. Nightlight ~ It can be pretty disorienting to wake up in a dark cruise cabin and not be able to see. I like to bring a small nightlight like this to use, instead of leaving the bathroom light on. It helps us find our way to the bathroom in the dark but doesn’t light the room too brightly when someone opens the door like the bathroom light does. 5. Over the Door Organizer ~ Many cruise staterooms have a limited amount of counter and storage space, so it can be difficult to store your toiletries, jewelry and other small items. If you bring an organizer like this, you’ll have a handy place for all of your items. Hang it on the bathroom door, inside the closet or on the back of your cabin door for lots of additional storage! .

By Stacey Dos Santos

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