As the web gets busier so do experienced travel agents

It's interesting how the internet related to travel is starting to come full circle. In the beginning, before the advent of the internet. If you wanted to go on vacation or book a flight, you drove down to see your local travel agent. Then when the internet became mainstream in the early 90's, it was only a matter of time before this would cause a  paradigm shift in the role of the traditional travel agent when it came to booking travel. Search engines, like Orbitz and other arrived that caused travel to be searched and booked, thereby reducing significantly the role of a traditional travel agent.  This was great (or so was thought) by consumers, they could rapidly search and take more ownership of their decision. However, as more and more sites like Orbitz popped up, and options became more plentiful. So did the challenge of making a decision. Like a woman in a shoe store with a warehouse full of options, resulting in decision paralysis. The internet has disrupted many traditional businesses, however unlike your local video store which is so simple to replicate online, and the employee at the video store is essentially an order taker. The complexities of booking travel, the multitude of options, the various components, ie hotel, transportation, attractions, travel tips. The knowledge and two way communication between a travel agent and a consumer can assist tremendously in sifting through this wilderness. Like a lawyer or a doctor, there are so many details involved, and this knowledge can never be put on a website, it is knowledge that can only be cultivated by the human mind through many years of being in the travel industry.

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By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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