Attractive Cities in Croatia

  • Zagreb – the capital and largest city.
  • Dubrovnik – historic coastal city and UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Split – ancient port city with Roman ruins.
  • Pula – biggest town in Istria with the Roman amphitheater (commonly called Arena).
  • Osijek – capital of Slavonia and an important city.
  • Sisak – largest river port, city on three rivers and a city that has stopped the spread of the Turks in Europe in 1593, formerly Siscia.
  • Slavonski Brod – a once important star-fort on the Ottoman defensive line.
  • Rijeka – Croatia’s largest and main port.
  • Varaždin – Croatia’s former Baroque capital.
  • Zadar – biggest city of north-central Dalmatia with rich history.

Written by The Travel Valet.

Photo provided by Via Tours Croatia.

By Judy Karwacki, Jubilee Travel about Croatia

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