Collette's Spotlights tours!

Collette Spotlights tours are perfect for seeing the world's top destinations hassle free yet on your own schedule. Collette is one of the best tour operators bar none, and these tours offer a single-hotel stay so that travellers can immerse themselves in the fanfare of a grand city or unwind in the timeless countryside. They illuminate the world’s most remarkable destinations, and blend the perfect amount of guided tour time with free time for first-time and repeat travellers. With a maximum tour length of 9 days, those with vacation time constraints can fit Spotlights tours into their schedules. The tours include the following:

  • Spotlight on Madrid
    Spotlight on Paris
  • Spotlight on Venice
  • Spotlight on Barcelona
  • Spotlight on Dublin
  • Spotlight on San Francisco
  • Spotlight on Florence
  • Spotlight on Beijing
  • Spotlight on San Antonio
  • Spotlight on London
  • Spotlight on New Orleans
  • Spotlight on New York City
  • Spotlight on Rome
  • Spotlight on The French Riviera

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By Marilyn White

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