Cool Ways For Your Wedding Ring To Be Brought To You During The Ceremony

Everybody wants to personalize their wedding in a bid to make the experience a memorable one. One way to ensure that your wedding is memorable is how your rings are delivered.

Forget the ancient 'bestman and bestmaid carries the ring' tradition. You would want to make a lasting impression. Think outside the box. Below are some suggestions that may wow your guests. Take a look.

1. Have a Dove/Owl/Hawk Deliver the Rings

Imagine the look on your bride's face as a dove soars down the aisle to deliver the wedding rings. This is a special ring bearer. It is out of the ordinary and clearly a well thought out surprise. There are many birds' handlers that can train the dove to do just that.

2. Drone Delivered

If you are into technology, then you will earn some marks with your fiancé if you can have one of your 'nerd' friends send a drone with the rings to the altar.

4. Ring Warming

This is a new tradition where the bestman passes the rings to the guests attending the wedding. Each guest is supposed to say a silent prayer for the bride and groom. By the time the couple slips on the ring, every person attending the wedding will have prayed for the success of their marriage.

It's your wedding. Try to make the experiences count. You will certainly have no many other experiences like these.

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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