Double destination weddings Pros and Cons

Have you ever thought of a Destination Wedding? How about a Double Destination Wedding? Just imagine all the fun, excitement and memories you can have times two!

Double Destination weddings are a great way to create wonderful lifelong memories for sisters, cousins, best friends or brothers. Here are the pros and cons to Double Destination Weddings.


- The number one reason for a Double Destination Wedding is the finances. Sharing the costs of your special day can save both couples a boat load of cash.

- In some cases, members of the wedding parties only need to purchase one set of clothing and jewelry, instead of two.

- Relatives and friends will be more compelled to come as they can see both couples getting married, and their travel costs will be lower than for two different destination weddings.

- For the majority of family Double Destination Weddings, the guest lists would have many overlapping invitees.

- You can have one large reception that would be smaller than having two separate guest lists.

- Some couples have a fear of sharing their spotlight moment. However, each bride can get their spotlight moment by having two weddings at the same resort but on different days, rather than one large ceremony. Even if they opt for a joint wedding, both brides can both choose their different styles for each of their weddings, as long as the colours complement each other.

- Double Destination Weddings make planning a lot easier and smoother than planning two separate destination weddings. When planning a double destination wedding, you have the full support of the other couple, rather than each of you planning separately. Planning together can make it much more fun and less stressful than planning alone, especially if you have been through everything together.


- For persons who like to be the center of attention, Double Destination Weddings may cause rivalry. Couples at Double Destination Weddings will at some point have to share the spotlight.

- If you are having a joint ceremony and/or reception, Double Destination Weddings take more practice . Rehearsals are needed to practice the flow of and help make things go smoothly.

Finding a location and type of Destination Wedding that suits both couples can be a challenge, however, don't worry the destination wedding experts at Jubilee are here to help. Contact Jubilee Travel today to start your Double Destination Wedding planning today!

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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