Enjoy Breathtaking Views At The Pali Lookout

At the peak of King Kamehameha 1 rule, the battle for unifying the Hawaiian was won at the Nuʻuanu Pali lookout peak. The point gives a wide view of the Koʻolau mountain ranges and valleys. Perhaps that is why King Kamehameha 1 fought so hard to secure the point. It gave him an advantage to see the oncoming enemies. Today, it is one of the must visit sites in the Island of Oahu. It not only gives you the generl layout of the Island, but also allows you to capture some of the best views in the world.

King Kamehameha 1 was successful for two reasons; his organization skills and the disarray of the Oahu Island leadership. By clearing the valleys in the Nuʻuanu Pali and equipping his men with muskets bought from British captain William Brown, he was able to unify the Hawaiian Islands and for the first time in late 1795, the Islands were called the Hawaiian Kingdom.

In 1898, road construction workers found over 800 skulls believed to be of soldiers that fell from the high Nu'uanu Pali during the battle of unification. As brutal as the place sound, today it is a only visited by tourist.

The Pali lookout treats its visitors to panoramic views of the Hawaiian country. The lush rolling hills and the natural wind tunnels that cut across the hills make picturesque scenery that is the dream of every professional photographer.

The Nu’uanu Pali reservoir is also a major attraction to tourists especially on May to September due to fishing activities. You will be able to catch fishes such as catfish and Peacock Bass.

The Pali pass is a place that has over time been associated with a lot of superstition. The two large stones at the entrance of the pass - Hapuʻu and Ka-lae-hau-ola - are said to represent the goddesses who protect the pass. Another common superstition is that truckers and travellers are attacked by hungry spirits who are on lookout for food. Most Hawaiian natives carry with them bamboo strips to keep away the spirits.

Besides the superstition, the Pali lookout is a great place to take good photographs, get a scenic tour as well as breathe some fresh air.

By Kennedy Runo on 06/10/2015 in Honolulu

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA about Hawaii

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