Epic vow renewal options

Many times, to celebrate the big day and the life that couples have built together, couples choose to renew their vows.

What could make your vow renewal ceremony more special than renewing your vows aboard a cruise ship or at an exotic resort right? Here are a few vow renewal options to consider while globetrotting the world.

-Renew your vows in Alaska on Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Summit

-Renew your vows at a candlelit ceremony in the Chapel on the cruise ship

-Renew your vows with a renewal package offered to guests on Cruise lines such as Celebrity Cruises, Cunard, Princess Cruises and much more

-Renew your vows in an exotic port of call

-Renew your vows on the shore of a resort such as Beaches or Sandals

-Renew your vows with an authentic Blessing Ceremony

-Renew your vows with a destination theme, for example, Sombreros for a Mexican renewal, Cowboy hats for a Western one, Berets for a French one.

-Renew your vows on a nude beach

-Renew your vows with an Elvis impersonator

There are many ways to renew your vows. A vow renewal ceremony is a chance to appreciate the life that you have spent together with your partner. That’s why it should be even more special than your first. Contact Jubilee Travel Today to plan your vow renewal.

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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