Epic ways couples are customizing their weddings

Your big day should be as unique as you right?

Read below how couples are making that a reality.

1. Grooms go GQ- In recent years, the grooms have been bringing style to the alter. Teeth whitening, wardrobe changes, and designer tuxes are now very much in style

2. Food in the Flowers- Bouquets are not just filled with flowers any longer. Artichokes, strawberries, and even kale are now making appearances these days.

3. Donut walls- What !!! yep people are using donuts to decorate the venues these days. Who knew right?

4. The Devils in the details- Small customizations around a bride and grooms personal story is a cool way of being different and adding to the style of the day.

5. Choirs- Hiring a local choir to sing at your wedding is just flat out cool give it a shot.

6. Bring your pet to the ceremony- Many couples already have a furry friend in the family, why not include them in the ceremony?

7. Destination weddings- Nothing says epic like saying " I do " on a beach in Mexico, Caribbean or Southeast Asia

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By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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