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The Cook Islands are an Island country located in the South Pacific Ocean. The archipelago comprises 15 islands that occupy a total area of 240 square kilometers. The islands are in free association with New Zealand. Its surface area may seem small, but the islands have an Exclusive Economic Zone which occupies a whopping 1,800,000 square kilometers (690,000 sq. mi) of ocean.

The islands' foreign policy and defense is the responsibility of New Zealand. This is the reason why some people view the islands as an extension of New Zealand. Most of the residents of the Cook Islands reside in the main island of Rarotonga (over 14,000). Below are a few top adventure destinations in the islands.

1. Te Manga

This is the highest point in the island. It is a 3 hour trek to 'the Needle' or Te Rua Manga (as the locals call it). Trust me; hiking up this mountain will test your mountain climbing skills to the limit. Make sure you carry a camera to capture the surrounding scenic background.

2. Ancient Burial Cave of Matevara

This cave is home to twelve skeletons, and the cave of Katikatia, a witch who purportedly ate children. An exploration to this cave is an adrenaline pumping experience that will make you shudder every time something weird is recounted by your travel guide.

3. Atiu

This is the third largest island in the Cook Islands archipelago and it hosts the spectacular limestone caves which include the Te Ana O Raka burial cave and Anatakitaki or Kopeka cave - named for the rare Kopeka swallow inhabiting the island. A venture into this largely unoccupied island is an enchanting expedition that will leave you thoroughly awed.

4. The surrounding seas

You can either swim in the turquoise crystal clear water, sail deep into the sea (remember Cook Islands has 1.8 million square miles of sea), snorkel or fish. Actually, there is no better place on earth to sail than in the Cook Islands' high seas.

5. Titikaveka Beach

If you are into beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, beach volleyball and football, kiting etc., the Titiveka Beach is the place to be.

Other adventure destinations in the Cook Islands include; Muri Lagoon, Punanga Nui Cultural Market, Aroa Marine Reserve, Cocoputt Amusement Park, Cook Islands Cultural Village, Maire Nui Botanical Gardens, Takitumu Conservation Area, Cook Islands Whale and Wildlife Centre, Tai Weather's Rock and many more. You will never lack in something adventurous to do in the Cook Islands.

By Kennedy Runo on 05/27/2015 in New Zealand

By Marilyn White about Cook Islands

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