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The Temazcal is a cleaning experience and rebirth to be experienced at least once in their existence. The ritual combines herbs, flowers, music and a lot of heat in a rustic cocoon, reminiscent of the womb, dark and damp, captained by a Mayan shaman, typically attire.

The ceremony takes place in four phases, representing the four seasons of the year and relating them to the four elements and the four stages of human life-childhood, youth, adulthood and old age, when we die, we deliver in time everything is no good to us and so we are reborn. Our experience happened at the Westin Resort Spa Cancun &, on the edge of the emerald-green water lagoon, in a tranquil setting in the middle of nature. While we spent by the pool area and we walked down to the location where the ceremony would be performed, we listened to the barrel and touches of rattles, the shaman already invoking the spirits for the ritual. We found three men dressed in their traditional costumes and accessories, calling us to join the circle. 

First we welcome the four cardinal points and the four elements of nature, fire, Earth, water and air, thanking to mother earth for all the blessings of this world, to the sound of rattles and drums, always listening to the shaman's guidelines. Then we entered the womb of mother earth and we sit on carpets, in contact with the ground, forming a circle around a hole in the ground, where incandescent volcanic stones are placed. Closes the door, the shaman plays, on the rocks, water mixed with medicinal herbs like Rosemary, lemon grass and thyme to generate steam. Sung sacred corners, make requests and acknowledgements through prayers while we inhale that steam cleaning. At the end of each season, opens the door, new stones are added, return the medicinal water, refresh the body with cold water and the back door to close, to more corners, requests and prayers. It's amazing how we empty our minds of all our anxieties and challenges of everyday life and focus at that moment, in communion with the nature and the date himself. The heat generated by hot stones and the steam is so strong that we doubt whether we can go all the way, so the sense of resilience and rebirth grows within us at the end of the ritual. We reconnect with our emotions and our ancestors, through the volcanic stones affectionately called "abuelitas" and get lighter and more peaceful. 

The Temazcal is highly recommended by Mayan ancestors for honeymooners and couples who are facing marital problems, as if the ritual promotes the meeting and the Union of husband and wife. There are also reports of people who were sick and depressed and recovered after the event. Even so, the ritual cause contradictions. Many see as an experiment of resilience, rebirth or other healing yet, but there are also those who have not enjoyed the moment, due to the extreme heat. It is no less that the ceremony is used in training of executives around the world because of this bias of victory that seeks to achieve.

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By Ryan McElroy about City of Mexico

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