Find out why personalization is the key trend to watch in wedding planning

Discover what makes today's couples unique and why personalization is a key trend in 2016!

· Approximately 60% of couples start making plans for their weddings within a month of being engaged and another 6% start planning before they get married.

· Average couples spend approximately 2 hours a day planning and 80% of that time is spent planning online.

· The internet being at our fingertips allows couples, now more than ever, the ease of planning their wedding at any time of the day. 30% spend their time planning from a smartphone or tablet. Approximately half of engaged couples use these devices to search for wedding vendors, which is an 11% increase over the last year.

· Social media is now the trend to announce engagements. As a matter of fact, 2 out of 3 couples share the “Yes” moment on social media which is just the kick-off part of the announcements, as more than 50% of couples create a wedding hashtag for everything related to their wedding. Whether it be sharing moments or just to update friends and family on events or the process, a wedding hashtag in a trend of 2016.

· Last year, nearly 60% of couples made a website about their wedding to inform their guests of the details of their big day. They can also link their venue, their registry and even collect RSVPs.

· Approximately 120 guests attend the weddings which include an approximate 73% of guests who RSVP “Yes”. Couples were once seeking 150 guests or more, but over the years, couples are looking for a more intimate and private ceremony.

· Approximately 86% of couples have at least one person wearing white on their big day as well as 12% of couples wear multiple outfits on the day. Only 50% of the bridesmaids wear the same dress though approximately 70% wear the same colour. Grooms are also going less formal as 56% of men are dressing in something more casual than a tuxedo.

· Couples are beginning to express their personal style in their weddings as 72% of ceremonies are held at a non-religious venue and 37% have a friend or family member officiating.

· Today’s couples are mixing their ceremonies with the old and new as 1 in every three couples write their vows and 22% incorporate traditions related to race or religion.

· One tradition is reigning strong in wedding ceremonies, and that is the father walking the bride down the isle. 80% of brides still hold this custom. However, 55% walk down the isle to non-traditional music.

· It is a custom not to see the bride before the wedding, but 43% of couples see each other before the ceremony to take pictures so that they have more time with their guests afterwards. This trend is popular with same-sex couples

· The first dance, at over 90% of the weddings, is done to “All of Me” by John Legend and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

· Couples are leaning towards dishes from their hometowns no matter where they are getting married. 72% of couples have a tiered wedding cake while others are looking towards alternative desserts like donuts.

· Photo Booths? How about GIF Booths? Today’s couples are looking towards a GIF booth so that their guests can upload the video onto social media with their hashtag.

Jubilee Travel thanks, Wedding Wire as the sources of these trends https://www.wedinsights.com/volume10/todayscouples”

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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