G Adventures Adds Three New Travel Experiences to Help Empower Women

G Adventures has launched three new G Adventures for Good community development projects designed to support women in Belize, Morocco and Australia. The new social enterprise projects are being integrated into G Adventures’ itineraries, giving travelers access to three unique experiences:

  • Western Belize - G Adventures travelers will be invited to purchase handicrafts and try their hand at ancient pottery making techniques with a group of female Mayan artisans. The Belize Pottery Cooperative was formed by the local San Antonio Women’s Group to encourage women in the region to share their traditional knowledge with visitors, and earn income that will support their families. Without it, there are few opportunities for women’s employment beyond domestic service. Inclusion into several G Adventures itineraries, including the 12-day Mayan Encounter will help provide a steady flow of customers and sustainable income.
  • Meknes, Morocco - the Morocco Community Lunch and cultural exchange helps to promote women’s rights, gender equality, and access to the formal economy for rural women in the region. On several G Adventures tours, including the eight-day Morocco Kasbahs and Desert Tour and the nine-day National Geographic Journeys tour, travelers visit the village of M’hoya where they receive a warm welcome from a group of women who serve up a delicious traditional lunch and offer basic lessons in Arabic. G Adventures provided seed funding to support the project through local partner AFER (Association Des Femmes et Enfants Ruraux) and provided resources to renovate the group’s kitchen and dining area. Tourism income will help support the long-term job development of women in rural Morocco, with additional funds supporting health and education programs for a network of over 700 women and children in the region.
  • Queensland Australia - G Adventures travelers have the opportunity to learn about and support the Aboriginal Jirrbal community in Tully, where tourism dollars have helped transform an old railway station into a café and vocational training center for youth and women. The new Café Chloe, run by four Jirrbal women with G Adventures partner Ingan Tours, offers travelers lunches and training workshops in weaving and Aboriginal arts. It employs several Aboriginal` women and their extended families, while encouraging more Jirrbal youth to invest in their community’s cultural heritage and economic recovery. Travelers can enjoy this special lunch and cultural exchange on select G Adventures tours, including the 12-day Sydney to Melbourne tour offered through National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures, and the Classic 10-day Brisbane to Cairns experience.

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By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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