Greece is for Foodies

Original ingredients and countless luscious combinations make Greek cuisine unique the world over with dishes that echo the beauty of the country itself. Salty like the Aegean Sea or mellow like the Santorini sunset, warm like the morning Cycladic sun or cold like the frosty rivers of Epirus, velvety like the clouds of the morning Attica sky or intense like the gorges in Macedonia, crisp like the autumn rain on the Ionian Islands or invigorating like the spring breeze of Crete, imposing and vociferous like the Samothrace waves.

Full of changes and pleasant surprises, Greek gastronomy wins a place at the top of contemporary world gastronomies. Greek diet is famous worldwide; it is not only ambrosial but also very healthy, recommended by most expert top dietitians. As it has been closely linked with the long history of the country, Greek cuisine has gone through a lengthy and perfecting process of trial and error. Today it masterly combines tradition with modern concepts.

Courtesy of Green National Tourism Organization

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA about Greece

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