High value vacation spots to spend your Canadian dollars

High value vacation spots to spend your Canadian dollars. 

Don’t let the falling loonie get you down. Not a day goes by we don’t hear about the Canadian dollar sliding when compared to the U.S dollar. Thankfully the world is a big place, and our dollar shapes up pretty well compared to some of the below countries. 

South East Asia: Now is the time for Thailand 

Turkey: History, beaches and killer food 

South Africa: Confess you’ve always wanted to go on Safari. Make 2016 the year you cross Africa off your bucket list 

Mexico: Looking for a big bang for your Canadian buck? Mexico is always a great bet when it comes to a great experience at great pricing (Amazing deals on at Jubilee right now) 

New Zealand: Often referred to as the world within one country, our dollar is strong there presently, so this is the year to travel to the South Pacific.

By Ryan McElroy

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