It's Impossible to be Blue in Colorful Curacao!

Curaçao’s popularity is growing fast among Canadian travellers is rapidly growing. Why? Because this idyllic island has so much to offer:

  • The island is influenced by more than 50 cultures, the main ones being Dutch, Spanish and African-Caribbean. This cultural fusion, along with Curaçao’s welcoming people and laid-back lifestyle, are what set it apart. 
  • The island offers warm weather and glistening beaches typically found throughout the Caribbean; however, its landscape, colourful infrastructure, and leisure activities such as diving make it appealing to different travellers and position it as an ideal vacation getaway. 
  • Curaçao is a fantastic choice for water sports and beach lovers. The island boasts white-sand beaches and crystalline waters, great for snorkelling and diving. 
  • It has excellent duty, free shopping and casinos. 
  • For lovers of culture, Dutch heritage and architecture abound, as colourful Dutch-style townhomes decorate the island. 
  • It’s rich in Jewish and African heritage and over 50 nationalities are present on the island.
  • It’s also a creative melting pot, housing over 30 artists and a number of art galleries. 
  • Divers flock to Curaçao for deep-sea adventures where breathtaking coral gardens flourish and tropical fish roam. 
  • Centuries of intermingling cultures has resulted in a rich local cuisine called krioyo, which features Dutch, Spanish, Creole and Indonesian flavours, and in turn, there are a variety of restaurants and eateries to choose from. 
  • Christoffel National Park is a preserve formed from three former plantations that today houses a superb museum, which gives insight to the island’s rich colonial past.

Jubilee Travel thanks Travel Courier for the photo and information in this article. 

By Judy Karwacki, Jubilee Travel about Curacao

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