Passion Plus Adrenaline: Adventure Weddings

When dreaming of our wedding day, we all desire an unforgettable experience.  Whether you're an adrenaline junky or adventurous romantic, an alternative from the ordinary walk down the aisle can make your big day a remarkable one.  

Check out some adventure inspired wedding alternatives below. 

  • Sky Diving Wedding: There are different ways that you can perform a skydiving wedding. You can exchange vows on the ground before you jump with family and friends and land as “Mr and Mrs”, you can exchange vows on the plane with a “Sky Diving Officiant” before you jump or you can exchange vows after you've made the leap.  Ready set Jump !!!! 
  • Scuba Diving Wedding: It’s time to take the plunge! Literally! You may think that this type of wedding would be more suited for diving professionals, but most companies will offer this wedding option to non-divers and include some training classes before the big day. 
  • Standup Paddleboard Wedding: Standup Paddleboarding has been drawing a lot of attention over the past couple years. It's been used for meditation, yoga, working out and now as a wedding venue. Many options are available; you can have an intimate wedding, have family and friends join you or maybe just the wedding party, etc. As far as decorations and ambiance are concerned, floral SUP boards and simple flower leis can be used to set the atmosphere for the wedding, along with sunset backgrounds or fireworks overhead. If you choose to do a night wedding, you will get SUP glow boards to light up the waters!
  • Horseback Riding Wedding:  Horseback Riding will provide a captivating view as you stroll along the shoreline on horseback to say I do. A stunning view, a calm, cool breeze and a beautiful white sand beach, Now that’s romantic!
  • Safari Weddings: A Safari wedding will allow you to take your I do to a whole other level. Whether your wedding is taking place overlooking a waterhole at sunset, in a clearing where animals are curious onlookers or at a luxurious lodge, a safari wedding will be sure to exceed your expectations. 

Go on be a trendsetter, call Jubilee travel today and let us help you put a little adventure into your big day.

By Khadijah Brown

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