Reasons to take a guided Europe land tour

There are many reasons to take a guided land tour.

Below are a few:

- When taking a cruise, you are restricted to port cities and attractions that can be reached within a day. On the other hand, guided land tours offer attractions throughout the entire country, and if need be, you can spend multiple nights in one place.

- Europe for example offers many attractions at night that you will be able to take part in on a land tour but may miss on a cruise.

- Land tours provide a very detailed and immersive experience.

- Land tours provide the same guide every day, which will not only make your trip more personal, but a great guide can make a world of difference in terms of the overall experience.

- On cruises, you spend your days embarking and disembarking to go to each location. Escorted vacations, on the other hand, have the ability to be more agile and get you site seeing quicker.

- Land cruises give you ideas for places to visit if you ever decide to visit the country by yourself as well as escorted tours will cater to younger guests more than a cruise, so it is perfect for family summer vacations.

- On land tours, you get to see and experience more of a country than on a cruise. You get to visit small towns, countrysides, and little-hidden gems along your route.

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By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA about Europe

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