Save Money and Have a Better Experience by Buying Europe Train Passes Before you Leave Home

Why buy Eurail passes at European Station and have the displeasure of dealing with fully booked trains? Get your Europe train pass before you leave home. Buying a Eurail pass at the station is more expensive than buying them from your travel agent before you leave home in Canada.  Jubilee Travel can get you special prices on passes and will have them delivered to you at your home address. On average, you can save about 20% on the price compared to buying your passes in Europe.

In recent years, almost every long-distance train ride in Europe has their tickets on sale as much as 6 months before and they are at very low prices. As the dates get closer and fewer seats are available, the prices increase. Your travel agent is in tuned with these sales and can provide you with the cheapest possible way to get passes, which is buying at least 30 days in advance. Especially in holiday times and summer months. The most expensive way to buy a Eurail Pass is buying at the European station. Not only will you get cheaper passes but it will allow you to be more prepared and you avoid any interruptions to your trip.

Here are some of the countries that sell their tickets in advance:

•        France: 4 months early for most

   6 months early for regional trains

   3 months early for trains to Germany, Netherlands, and Belgium

•        Italy: 4 months early

•        Germany: 3 months early

•        Spain: 2 months early

•        Switzerland: 1 month early

•        Austria: 6 months early

•        Belgium: 1 month early

•        Netherlands: 3 months early

There are a lot of options to consider when making your decision, including the number of countries you will be visiting, which countries you will be visiting, their location in Europe, and their location in relation to each other. The best way to find out what options are best for you is to contact a Jubilee Travel professional so they can advise you based on your travel itinerary and budget. Contact us today!

By Khadijah Brown

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