The best cities in Europe to visit this year

The best cities to visit in Europe this year.

1. Rome - A kaleidoscope of diversity with its food, attractions, history and hospitable people Rome is a must.

2. Prague - Often considered the most beautiful city in the world, Prague delights its visitors year after year. Located in the heart of Europe, Prague has earned its famous name " The Crown of The World."

3. Milan - The capital of the western half of the Roman Empire you will be delighted by Milan's contemporary art and architecture.

4. Kotor - A beautiful cultural and natural world heritage site nestled in the secluded part of Boka bay in magnificent Montenegro.

5. Brussels - Experience the treasures that Brussels offers to the world. Art, food, style and mystique are waiting to be discovered in the capital of Europe.

6. Novi Sad - With an urban core and rural surrounding this Balkan city is not to be missed.

7. Plovdiv - Discover this Bulgarian gem and delve deep into the culture and history of one of the 6th oldest cities in the world.

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By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA about Europe

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