The Do's and Don'ts of Paris

Paris is the French capital and one of the most visited cities in the world. It is a major travel hub and therefore you need a few do's and don'ts if you are going to survive your holiday without a hitch. Check out the list below.

1. Note that not all the places you visit are chargeable. Some places will be free. Before paying entry fees to the place you are visiting, enquire whether you should pay.

2. All major cities have some anti-trashing rules. Paris is no exception. Ensure you put your trash in designated trash bins. Littering the buses, streets, parks, trains, museums may attract penalties. We do not want that, do we?

3. Like other European cities, Paris has a dress code for every event. Churches and places of culture will expect decent dressing; formal dinners will require you to dress formerly (tuxedos for gents and evening gowns for ladies).

4. You need to be always aware of your surroundings. Foreigners are advised to keep off back alleys. You do not want to get robbed or pickpocketed.

5. Explore a little. Why are you in Paris if you are going to eat the food that you normally eat in your country or city? Why not sample another brand of wine? Why not learn a new dance move?

6. If you are ever unsure of the means of transport available, opt to use public transport. You will never go wrong by using public transport. The staff will go out of their way to assist a visitor.

7. Always travel around with a bottle of water. Paris has a host of street vendors that cell bottle water. Never take a bottle whose seal has been broken.

8. If it looks dinghy, it probably is. Never take your meals or drinks in a place that looks dinghy. You do not want to get sick or get robbed by patrons of dinghy eateries and taverns.

9. Never travel with unmarked taxis. They are illegal.

10. If it is out of your budget, leave it. Never buy something that is out of your reach. Never go into a restaurant that you know you cannot afford. You do not want to get broke in a foreign city.

If you think of something that needs to be on this list, kindly add it. It may save you from unnecessary trouble or inconveniences.

By Kennedy Runo on 04/30/2015 in Paris

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