The Top 5 Restaurants in Toulouse, France

Toulouse is a city located on the southwest of France and is sometimes fondly referred to as the 'Pink City' due to the brick houses that turn pink during sunset. It is home to 630,000 residents and is the second university city of France with a big population of international students.

Thus said, Toulouse's gourmet dining segment is as active as in any cosmopolitan city. Below are a few of the top rated restaurants in the city.

1. Le Bon vivre

This is a moderately priced restaurant that features some of the best local delicacies including foie gras and grilled duck breasts, hearts and thighs. If you want to mingle with the locals, this is the restaurant to go to. The locals will engage you in an animated conversation about this or that - but especially football - and therefore, make sure you know your football.

2. Les Jardins De L'Opera

If you are a serious foodie, perhaps you need to grace this restaurant on your first night in the city. It will make you an awe-inspiring meal that will introduce to the finer things you will encounter in the 'Pink City'. It is the kind of place you take your spouse during an important occasion such as an anniversary.

3. Le Velane

South Western France has a reputation of serving the best dishes in France and no place serves better south western food than Le Velane. The restaurant's signature dishes are: chorizo-and-cucumber gazpacho served in a tumbler and canard confit strudel with pecans. Trust me; you will never eat substandard food again after a hearty meal at this restaurant.

4. Restaurant Emile

For the best desert of cassoulet and later a main course delicacy such as marinated ginger-lime salmon, head to this Toulouse restaurant. Amazingly, the restaurant is cheap compared to other restaurants that serve similar dishes.

5. Restaurant Le 19

From the truffle-and-foie-gras-stuffed cabbage to the ginger-roasted duck to the warm prune clafoutis with Armagnac ice cream; this restaurant has mesmerized both foodies and food critics. If you want to be impressed by the culinary genius of south west France, this is the restaurant to go to.

Toulouse is a beautiful city to live in, to visit, and sights see. While doing all these fun stuff, why don't you slot in sometime to sample the Toulouse Cuisine? It will be an experience that you will not forget any time soon.  

By Kennedy Runo on 05/14/2015 in Toulouse

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA about Toulouse

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