Things you should know about booking your travel ticket online

There are hundreds if not thousands of online travel options you will find in the internet. Some of them offer travel perks which are quite unbelievable luring you to book your trip with them. There are things you should be aware of when booking your travel needs online. Here are some considerations you must check on before booking your travel online.

  • You might not see every possible option online. Most online travel sites show the options for only some airlines, hotels, etc. Travel agents are better at finding budget-friendly airfare and hotel choices.
  • An online travel website cannot provide you with a first-hand account of your booking especially when it comes to lodging options. Your room might be at the end of the corridor with a not so nice view, or your room is one of those that has not been renovated for years. You are on your own after you have booked everything. 
  • Most do not have after service sales perks. 
  • For business travelers booking travel online may not be the best option particularly when the trip has some time constraints.  
  • You might end up spending more when your goal is spending less when doing it yourself. Remember that prices change daily so planning a trip piece by piece is not the solution to traveling on a budget.
  • It will be harder to get a refund if in case you have to cancel your trip suddenly. Read the fine prints and cancelling policies beforehand. Be aware that some travel online websites will offer you the most expensive package. 
  • Some can track what kind of PC you are using and based on that, will up the ante because they know you can afford it. 
  • Their software can be susceptible to system glitches that might affect your booking. Don’t be confident that everything is going smoothly. 
  • Some online travel websites do not usually have the current information regarding the status of the hotel or area. They might be  advertising a hotel with a beach view but are not aware that a building is being constructed right in front and is blocking the view, or the hotel is undergoing a renovation, which can be a vacation killer.
  • Perks are not usually offered when booking your travel online. If want to rack up points or mileage, it might not be able to provide you information on how to double your points and mileage on certain dates if your travel date is flexible.

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By Chiemi Irene Alonzo

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