Tips for Travelling Healthy

Preparing for a Healthy Trip.

The stage is set for the perfect trip. No one likes to think anything could go wrong, but the best way to avoid getting ill on your getaway is to take steps before you leave to help make sure that doesn't happen. Here are some tips to help keep your trip as healthy as possible.

Pack enough medication

If you require medication for an existing condition, pack enough to last for the duration of your travel and carry it in two different pieces of luggage, in case one is lost or stolen. You should also keep it in its original packaging to avoid problems with border officials. Plus, carry a copy of your doctor's prescription with you in case you need to get medication while away. If your medication requires sterile needles or syringes, stay out of trouble with the law by carrying a doctor's explanation or medical certificate with you.

Going on a cruise?

The main medical complaint by cruise travellers is motion sickness. Ask your doctor if you can take any medications to help with nausea.

Know who to contact in case of an emergency

Take some time before you leave to make a list of emergency contact numbers, such as the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate in the country where you will be visiting. They will be able to assist you in a medical emergency. Check their websites for lists of local medical providers and bring this information with you.

Don't leave home without travel health insurance

And just in case you do get sick, make sure you’re covered with Manulife World Travel Insurance. They will be right there with you, with 24/7 assistance. Look here and contact Jubilee Travel for more information.

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By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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