Top Reasons to Take A River Cruise

Top Reasons to Take a River Cruise

  • An Intimate Experience

River cruise ships are often exclusively built for the company which means they come with state-of-the-art amenities. They vary in size and can accommodate from 50 to 200 guests with styles ranging from friendly and casual to elegant and refined. Some cruises may cater to families but most are adults only, perfect for those who are seeking a little romance.

  • VIP Service

Due to the intimacy of river cruises, you won’t feel like just another guest. Concierge services ensure that you are well taken care of and the little things like barista’s remembering how you take your coffee are what makes you feel welcomed. Some of the larger cruises have amenities like fitness centres, spas, bars and pools.

  • 4 and 5 Star hotel Accommodations!

River cruises are called “floating hotels” for a reason. The majority of cruise ships have 4 and 5-star room accommodations. Almost every room has a view to watch the beautiful changing landscapes and some rooms are accompanied by French balconies.

  • Luxurious Wining and Dining

Possibly the most famous aspect of river cruising is the luxurious meals they provide. They can be compared to 5-star restaurants with top-shelf beer and wine. Many cruises, will also theme their meals to your surroundings. So you can enjoy some wonderful, full-bodied red wine while cruising in Bordeaux!

  • Unpacking Once

When you are travelling from one point to the next, it can be quite hard to relax as you know you will have to re-pack and then unpack when you move to another hotel. With river cruises, you only need to unpack once as you will have your private cabin with plenty of room to keep your purchases from your port stops.

  • Short Queues

River cruises dock right in the heart of a city which means no long transfers or waiting times to visit the tourist attractions, as well as, you can embark and disembark in a matter of minutes! No standing in long queues to get on or off the ship!

  • New Destinations every day

River cruising allows you to explore a new city each day! You will be able to visit different places as you stop at each port for a few hours at a time. You can visit all the beautiful major destinations like France, Spain, Portugal on a European Cruise or Vietnam, China and Cambodia on an Asian river cruise.

  • Wide Range of On-Shore Activities

Most river cruises take place during the warmer months which makes it perfect for exploring the land. Some cruise itineraries will give you the chance to visit ports either independently or together on a guided tour. Cruise companies will also partner with local guides to make your tours more intimate and adventurous.

  • Extras for one price!

River cruises usually come with many added extras that are already included in the upfront cost! Meals, beverages, airport transfers and on-shore tours, along with others, are almost always complimentary. More value for your buck!

  • Cruise Iconic Waterways

Europe’s river cruises allow you to glide on waterways such as the Rhine, Rhone, Seine and Danube. Other cruises explore waterways such as Egypt’s Nile River, USA’s mighty Mississippi and China’s Yangtze.

  • Relaxed Pace and Famous Towns and Cities

River cruises are more for the travelers who aren’t in a hurry to explore every city but who would like to take their time to savour the beautiful sites. On river cruises, you can explore towns and cities that inspired many famous artists. Walk in the shoes of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci!

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Written by Khadijah Brown March 21, 2016

By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA

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