Visit Blarney Castle and Kiss the Blarney Stone on a Cork 1-Day Tour

Ever wanted to kiss the Blarney Stone? Then check out the Cork 1 Day Tour in Dublin. On this tour visitors will visit the Blarney Castle, for a chance to kiss the famous Blarney Stone and see the historic Rock of Cashel.

Visit the beautiful Dublin and its countryside with Cork 1-Day Tour and see majestic views and with a touch of history. Take a break from the beaches and urban life and experience a castle tour along with nature. Learn the history and folklore of Ireland with a friendly and knowledgeable guide. Being a full day trip, the tour lasts about 12 hours in which you’ll get to see the many sights to admire.

Cork 1-Day Tour will take you to several historic landmarks, including the Blarney Castle. See this medieval castle and learn the history behind it. You’ll even get to see the famous Blarney Stone, which is said to turn you into a smooth talker when you kiss it. You will also get to visit the historic site Rock of Cashel. Rock of Cashel was the traditional seat of the kings of Munster for several hundred years making it an important piece of history.

Written by The Travel Valet

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By Sandy Karwacki-Farber, BA about Ireland

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