Why you should get married in Belize

Why you should get married in Belize:

From its language to its food, the culture of Belize is rich and diverse. Take a break from the beach and delve into the 4 unique cultures of the Belize people. 

Your wedding will be totally unique. Everyone has been to or knows of people who have travelled to Mexico or the DR for a wedding, but Belize I’m willing to bet will be new to everyone.  

It’s a two for one deal. Don’t move a muscle once your big day is wrapped up. What makes Belize so enticing is that its so rich in experiences that once your wedding celebration is complete you can start the Honeymoon festivities.

Dress code, Belize is laid back so wear what you’re comfortable in.  

Legal everywhere, marriages in Belize are upheld worldwide 

Mobility, once you’re there it’s easy to navigate and explore by hoping in a van, car or small plane.  

It’s people. Belize was recently voted one of the friendliest places in the world.  

Need I say more. The beauty. The Beach, the Jungle, excellent accommodations and more await your I DO’s in Belize. 

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By Ryan McElroy about Belize

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