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Saying 'I Do' Off-the-Beaten Path in Treasure Beach, Jamaica

07/15/2016 in Treasure Beach

With its famous tropical beaches, music and lifestyle, no wonder Jamaica is a favourite Caribbean island for destination weddings. Most couples who travel to Jamaica to get married celebrate their special day at one of the remarkable all-inclusive resorts.

But some couples may want to venture off the beaten path to the southwest part of the island, where farming and fishing...

Fascinating history and culture of the Bahamas

07/12/2016 in The Bahamas

The word Bahamas is of Spanish origin and means “Shallow Water”.

Arawak Indians inhabited the islands when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World on San Salvador Island in 1492. British settlement of the islands began in 1647; the islands became a colony in 1783. Since attaining independence from the UK in 1973, The Bahamas have prospered through tourism...

A 'Treasure' of Authentic, Sustainable Jamaica at Treasure Beach

07/07/2016 in Treasure Beach

Many visitors traveling to Jamaica never see the island outside their all-inclusive resorts. But if you're an adventurous traveler who's willing to brave a few potholes driving on winding country roads, you'll find a 'treasure' of old Jamaica in the South West part of the Caribbean island.

Treasure Beach is a village on the coast in the agricultural heartland of Jamaica...

Jubilee Travel among Top 3 Jamaica Travel Specialists!

06/05/2016 in Jamaica

"Congratulations on being one of the top 3 booking agents in the Jamaica Travel Specialist program in Canada for the first quarter of 2016. We thank you for your continued support of Destination Jamaica and look forward to working with you."

#‎JubileeTravel‬ was thrilled to receive this note from the Jamaica Tourist Board. To book your All Right Jamaica trip, get...

Destination Weddings in St. Lucia

05/12/2016 in St Lucia

Saint Lucia is the perfect destination for romance. Whether you want an adventure wedding, an unbelievable honeymoon or a quiet intimate getaway, St. Lucia guarantees a romantic experience that you can only dream of.

St. Lucia offers:

  • A mix of French and British Influences
  • An ideal backdrop...

Why get married in the Bahamas

04/20/2016 in The Bahamas

There are endless ways to declare your love for one another when planning a destination wedding in The Bahamas. With blue skies, pure white sand beaches, and several cays, reefs, beaches and botanical gardens, the possibilities are endless. The Bahamas won the prestigious 2015 Leading Wedding Destination at the World Travel Awards which is a testament to why you should...

Travel Tips:Top Honeymooning Destinations

04/01/2016 in Anywhere

You might be wondering where to go for your honeymoon. If you ask me, I would give you 5 countries to choose from. Those countries are listed below.

1. Fiji

For absolute isolation, there is no better place than Fiji. Half of the Fijian islands are uninhabited. Even those that are inhabited, they are sparsely so. If you are looking to...

Top 5 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

04/01/2016 in Anywhere

Trying to find that perfect honeymoon spot can be frustrating and not to mention, a time waster, especially when there are many options to choose from, and so we offer you our hand-picked few to save you some time and offer you some of the best honeymoon locations with our Top 5 Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations!

- Anguilla – Perfect for a...

The Best Honeymoon Destinations

04/01/2016 in Anywhere

The most important element of planning a honeymoon is figuring out where you want to go. But unfortunately most couples simply choose the first location that comes to mind and it usually isn't a terribly exciting one. So if you have plans to tie the knot, you may want to consider one of the following destinations for your honeymoon.

Planning a...

The 5 most romantic beaches for weddings abroad

04/18/2017 in Anywhere

Everybody dreams of a romantic wedding on the shores of a majestic ocean but the realities of modern economics have made realizing the dream a herculean task. This is not to say there are no beautiful beaches to hold your dream weddings on. In fact, beach wedding tourism has catch-on in most of beach-endowed countries. All you need to do...